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    Northern Truck Ltd are one of the UK’s leading suppliers in light commercial & heavy commercial gearboxes. We have skilled technicians to provide the best quality possible. Our products go through rigorous testing before it is sent through to dispatch to ensure that we offer the best quality possible. Our product range is vast and has one of the largest stocks in the UK for next day delivery. We can repair your old unit if cost is important on a Cost Of Repair Basis. We also offer 6 or 12 months warranty on all Service Exchange units. Please ask us about our warranties. The types of


    Northern Truck Ltd can supply you with a complete axle where the differential is built into the axle unit or we can supply you with a complete differential unit on a Service Exchange basis with a 12 month warranty. We can also repair your own unit on a Cost Of Repair Basis which is normally lower than the exchange cost. At Northern Truck Ltd we repair nearly all types of axles and differentials ranging from light commercial to heavy commercial units. We have skilled technicians to provide you with good quality products to ensure that you are happy with the product that we provide.


    Northern Truck Ltd are specialist heavy recovery operators for HGV recovery, Lorry recovery, van recovery, commercial recovery, bus & coach recovery and truck recovery. We are able to arrange a towing/recovery service in most locations within England, Scotland and Wales. We can also offer a collection/delivery service for our customers within much of the UK, either by our own van, or by courier service. Please note, a charge may be made for this service.